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Sri Lanka- a small island, but a big surprise


If you are planning to go on a holiday tour Sri Lanka is the best place to go. You can plan your holiday with Lakpura LLC. The name of this tourism agency, has been perfectly kept as Lakpura means” whole of Lanka”. So the motive behind keeping the name Lakpura is that this travel agency helps you plan your Sri Lanka vacation in the best way exploring the whole of Lanka without missing any place worth visiting.

Exploresrilanka is a Srilankan travel agent service for abroad, localtravelers by offers specialized journey in sri lanka with confortable schedule, interests.

It has been planning the best Sri Lanka tours for its customers since 8 years and all the customers who have availed its services are happily satisfied with their tour. There are different Sri Lanka holiday packages giving a tour according to different preferences for you to choose one according to your wish. Some of the holiday packages are:-

                  Culture, wildness & nature- 7 nights 8 days

                  Southern Beaches of Serendib – 09 nights 10 days

                  Beauty among hills- 5 nights 6 days

                  Misty hills of Ceylon- 8 nights 9 days

                  Nature, hills & wildlife of Ceylon- 5 nights 6 days

                 Marvels of Dambulla – 03 Nights 04 Days

                 Picturesque highlands – 04 Nights 05 Days

These above mentioned are few of the packages out of numerous packages. We all know in Sri Lanka there is a lot to explore so exploring the whole of Sri Lanka in a weekly holiday is not possible, so if you are in short, of time, then you can take the Sri Lanka holiday packages according to your places of interest like whether you are interested in visiting beaches more or wildlife or the hills, etc.

On your Sri Lanka tailor made holidays you can choose to do a wide no. of things. You can choose to relax among the hills enjoying the scenic beauty and feel the cool breeze pass through your face. Sri Lanka holidays let you freely move around the Indian Ocean, exploring the rich culture, heritage, wildlife, adventure and nature. Do not miss the beautiful sunset in the East Coasts of Trincomalee. It would be a great fun to visit the Rock Fortress and the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which are renowned temples of Sri Lanka equally popular all over the world.

Come on, plan your Sri Lanka holidays with Lakpura LLC. to experience all the sensations around this island of Paradise.

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Trail around the paradise of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka a small island in the Asia and an amazing place to visit.  It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The thing which attracts visitors to Sri Lanka is, it’s changing landscape and wildlife over a proportionately short distance. Sri Lanka Tours is the most toured place in the country due to its scenic beauty as well as the hills, adventure, wildlife and various other attractions.

Exploresrilanka is a Srilankan travel agent service for abroad, localtravelers by offers specialized journey in sri lanka with confortable schedule, interests.

You are going to love your Sri Lanka Holidays as it you will find yourself in the cool breeze of the hilly areas at one go and at the very next you will be in the hot bustling cities where you can come across the rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka and the very next turn of yours will lead you to the huge waterfalls at the mid country of the island.

If you are planning a sri lanka vacation plan it with Lakpura LLC. Lakpura is a Sri Lankan travel agency/tour operator which plans will your Sri Lanka Tours in the best possible way. They help you get the best Sri Lanka Holiday Packages. Various packages are available from covering different parts of the island in the shortest possible time, from which you can make your decision depending upon the no. of days you can give to your Sri Lanka tailor made holidays.

Relaxing along the hills

Enjoy your holidays in the misty hills of Ceylon, exploring the ancient city of Kandy and visiting the heritage in the Temple of the Tooth Relic. These hills in the Southern belt are a perfect place to relax where you can just sit by the hills with a cup of tea enjoying the sunshine or the warm sun rays along with the soft cool breeze.

Adventure & culture

Sri Lanka is a place full of adventure sports. You can experience the thrill of trekking by going on a trek in the well-known Horton Plains. Make your Sri Lanka tours unforgettable by spending a great deal of time among the gentle giants in Pinnawala and which is rich in Sri Lankan Culture, where you can witness the present and past of Sri Lankan culture in the Cultural Show in Kandy.

Lakpura LLC. offers a wide range of Sri Lanka holiday packages for all kinds of visitors. If you are thinking of visiting Sri Lanka plan your Sri Lanka tailor made holidays with Lakpura LLC.

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